Life Centre Nursery in Kisumu, Kenya

Over the last 4 years we have been supporting the Life Centre Nursery in Kisumu, Kenya. Yellow Dot have sponsored 8 Team Members to visit the School, to provide support for the teachers as well as enhance the School resources and the conditions which children learn in.

We have learnt a lot too about the Kenyan culture, contentment, joy and gratitude.

The Nursery is part of the Citizens for Change Charity which runs the Coffee shop in Romsey.


What we took away from our 1st visit was how the children in Kenya had so much hope for a better future. This was evident in their music and singing. Following our visit we enhanced Yellow Dot’s music provision through creating a Music Ambassador role.

The contributions we took out with us provided by our parents were given as presents for the children who had done well in their exams. We joined in their Graduation Ceremony and could clearly see the impact the School was having on the children’s futures.


The teachers were very keen to show us how they had developed the School since our last visit. We had a look at their new Kitchen which Yellow Dot had funded in 2014 and a Library full of books.

In 2015 we raised money to help set up an ‘Under 2s Room’ to help the Nursery be more sustainable.

We raised over £3000 which went towards rebuilding the Nursery and equipping it with; beds, chairs, potty’s, plates, cups, spoons, cooking pots and toys for them to play with. All bought from local shops and markets. We are continuing to work with the teachers to help make the Nursery more self-sufficient. With our shoe donations, the School will sell these to parents to help boost their income.

Everyone is so thankful for what Yellow Dot are doing, giving them hope and faith of a better future.


On this trip we were able to spend most of our time in the Nursery with the children and their teachers. We decided it would be really beneficial to plan a variety of activities to take out with us to Kenya. Each Yellow Dot Setting helped to make and gather resources. The children were very excited by the activities. The highlight was showing them how to make and use playdough.

We saw how much progress the whole Nursery had made and that the Under 2s room was up and running. The School is now ranked in the top 3 of the region and has become even more popular with the local community, because of this they can now offer a High School education to around 80 local children.

Before we left, we were able to buy some new toys for Under 2s as well as paying for a local carpenter to build some tables as the children currently eat, play and mark make on soft mattress on the floor. We know this will have a positive impact on the children.

We are also pleased to share that we managed to buy breakfast for all 100 children in the nursery, to have on weekdays for a whole term.

During our trip we were inspired by the commitment of the teachers at the School and their enthusiasm to provide outstanding education for every child.

We provided children with playdough, sensory experiences and games. The teachers were excited about the children’s reactions. We hope to continue to enhance teachers knowledge of children learning through play by contributing to the resources they have and helping the School become more self sufficient.

The money we raised in 2016 enabled us to build a block of 6 new toilets, a new chimney for the Kitchen and a footpath around the Nursery classrooms. It will also provided a planting area for the children to grow various shrubs and flowers. This will make such a difference to the children’s educational experience.


This year we have been raising money to supply running water to the Nursery. With thanks to our Yellow Dot Parents we have raised enough money to supply the water in time for the dry season.

We will also be able to buy uniforms and replenish the food store.

Maryanne our Chandlers Ford Manager and Lauren our Transition room Manager from Chilworth fly out today March 10th for 3 weeks to help and support the Kenyan Teachers.

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